Friday, August 19, 2005


got into a fight with my boss yesterday.

although i regret acting the way i did the whole thing helped me to realize some things.

1. i regret acting the way i did not because it was toward my boss toward whom i should hold to a higher level of behavior on my part, but b/c that is not the person i want to be.

2. ultimately i am here everyday for my self. not for my boss, but for me. because this is what i want to do. i don't know why or what it will lead to but this time and place is for me.

3. my behavior needs to change. i asked God this morning to help me focus on humility and patience this coming year. just as i shouldn't have been rude toward my boss, i shouldn't be rude to anyone around me. this will require a crash course in humility and patience. and by "crash course" i mean lifelong journey. so that's what i'm hoping for.


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