Tuesday, April 19, 2005

not quite sure

how to make it so that ALL of my posts are not on the front page, but rather they are archived away. i changed the settings so that only 7 posts should show up. but to no avail.

Music of the moment: ani difranco, knuckle down.

last week of work before vacation.

next week i go to arizona and new mexico. never been. i'm most excited to see the colors. it will be so different than new england. i just have to get thru this week of work and saturday. i have a bridal shower to go to and then laundry and packing. i also need to mop the kitchen floor. should be an action packed saturday.

this weekend i checked out the Vineyard church. it was okay. i had a really good experience and the sermon was decent (a high compliment from me) but i am just so anti large church. at the same time i think i need to focus on my spiritual growth at the moment. in some ways i think vineyard is exactly the place to do that. in other ways, i'm afraid it will not be great for me at all. plus i need to get back to volunteering. sigh. i'm such a lazy ass. no, more selfish than lazy.

i got together with the ladies this wkd and found out that my friends may be leaving me. why is it that everyone leaves me here?

two of my other friends are involved in a great long distance fight. what is happening around me?


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