Monday, April 04, 2005

hey once every two week isn't bad

what i like about grad school:

i like science.
doing bench work,
figuring things out,
getting results,
reading papers to get brilliant new ideas or learn something extraordinary.

what i don't like: my boss specifically
bosses in general.
always being told what to do.
being treated like a slave,
an idiot,
a lab tech,
a postdoc,
a lab manager,
and all of those in one.

ok, so the things i like about grad school are really just the things i like about science.

but it still goes to show i wouldn't be any happier NOT being in grad school since i don't have any other skills than this.

ok, actually i have skills out my ass but nothing that translates into real dollars given my educational and experiental background. so there.


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