Wednesday, August 17, 2005


durn, i was hoping i had updated this thing, allowing me to at least think i could do once a month. but alas, i couldn't even manage that.

well, here it is mid august already. i'm really happy this week. for several reasons:

a. new apartamento! yup, now it's just me and dudley. a wonderful two bedroom in a nice, pretty quiet neighborhood in somerville near ball square. since noone knows where ball square is: about 15 min walk back from porter square, perpindicular to mass ave into somerville. all i need now is my kitty to make the place complete.

b. i'm finally going to be getting to do single molecule experiments this week or next. basically, two years into research i'm finally getting to the bread and soy-margarine of my work.

c. my heart is starting to feel really free of the bondage that has captured it the last, oh, eight months or so.
and i found a new church and i really want to dive in there and get to know people and make new friends. granted, i really miss BWC, which i struggle with but i just know i can't go back. it's like that great protaganist willy wonka says: you have to go forward to go back.

so here i am.

and i really AM going to try to update this more often, and let people know about it, which may provide imputus to be more faithful to "blogging".


At 8:01 AM GMT-5, Blogger dlamming said...

woo, a blog. :)


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