Wednesday, November 23, 2005

thanksgiving vay-K

took today off since i didn't have anything to do around lab (waiting for reagents stinks--but extra days off is great).

woke up before 7, but at least i slep in a little. i've folded laundry, packed for my few days back home in CT, cleaned up the house a bit, and will commence some yoga in a few minutes.

i'll leave tonight and come back saturday. it's a short break but sunday i'm already scheduled to volunteer.

tomorrow should be interesting. i have a generally good attitude towards thanksgiving due to being with friends and family. but it is also rather depressing given that now i sit around a table full of food that i don't eat and think about how not great the history of thanksgiving is. blah.

i'm also supposed to meet my mom's new boyfriend while i'm home. should be interesting. as should be the grilling about my new tofu. and no, D, i don't mean the soybean curd.

speaking of which, had dinner with my flatmate's parents last night--who were not nearly as crazy as i had feared based on his description!

i also saw a street sign on the way to dinner last night that said: bikes stop on line for green.

and there was a picture of a person on a bike with a line going down the center of them.

now, what does this mean? first of all, there was no line on the ground--i looked, being high up in the bus. and most signs speaking of lights say "when green", not "for green". and why would the bike stop when the light was green anyway?

ok, everyone have a good thanks-giving. eat loads of cranberry sauce.


At 11:49 AM GMT-5, Blogger dlamming said...

thanks for explaining that you weren't really referencing the soybean curd. though i got it this time. :P

and ooo, the mom's new boyfriend. :)

maybe it means bikes should wait at the stop line until the light turns green. of course, it makes less sense if there's no line...

At 1:54 PM GMT-5, Blogger oomm said...

What it means is that the city likes to confuse everyone, not just those of us driving cars.

Also, I can eat lots of potatoes and like, asparagas too right? Not just cranberry, which I don't eat?

Also, I take it tofu will resume soon?

At 3:01 PM GMT-5, Blogger catswym said...

i suppose potatoes and asparagus are fine too.

yes, yes, tofu will return soon. :)


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