Monday, November 21, 2005

momma said there'd be days like this

okay, so first, why? why?! is there a package of breastmilk storage bags on top of the microwave at work?

so, i see this package as i'm heating up my lunch, naturally, and it doesn't strike me as odd initially. i'm like, oh, breastfeeding, that's cool. i'm a proponent of breastfeeding.

but then, i start to process this. there are only two or three labs which use this microwave. and then there is the cleaning lady who basically uses the room with the microwave and frig as her little office. she has her stuff on the tables that the microwave and toaster oven also occupy. so, i'm thinking this must be hers? but why she is pumping at work? first, i don't even think she has a baby. she's gotta be at least 45 and i haven't noticed any appearing and disappearing belly lumps. and, even if she has a baby, why is she pumping at work?! where is she doing it, and why? don't you pump at home in order to leave the milk there? and if you aren't pumping here, why are you bringing in breastmilk storage bags?

secondly, i've dropped two significant things today.

one was a cuvette. for you non-spec people, this is a relatively expensive piece of equipment (at least for my ghetto lab), of which, about four have been broken by various members of my lab over the last three months.

the second thing i dropped was my lunch. all over my desk. yeah. great, huh?

and i spent half my weekend (and the previous week) trying to resolve my friends' life crises.

and there was no tofu this weekend. pretty sad, isn't it?

and, i've apparently morphed into a full-on "chick", according to more than one person.


At 2:43 PM GMT-5, Blogger oomm said...

first of all a tofu free weekend just stinks.

Second, these are unfilled bags yes? Perhaps one person agreed to bring them in for another and left them behind?

third, I'll sneak a cuvette over to you if you like, my lab isn't so ghetto and we've got lots of them laying around.

At 3:08 PM GMT-5, Blogger dlamming said...

well, people at harvard pump during the day - they have special rooms set aside. that doesn't answer any of your other rather good questions about the whole situation. :)

i dropped a glass pipette today, shattered all over the floor. :(

tofu tonight, at least?

At 3:14 PM GMT-5, Blogger oomm said...

You people better not jinx me with the droppies.

I did however try to steal a car today .

I thought it was mine.

It wasn't.

At 3:47 PM GMT-5, Blogger catswym said...

unfilled bags. oomm, yours seems to be the only plausible explanation.

harvard has rooms for pumping all right--only they're for pumping grad students, not breasts.

did the car start beeping and shrieking at you and then people stared because they thought you were a (bad) car thief?

At 5:17 PM GMT-5, Blogger oomm said...

No, but I had just given some people directions in a very authoritative way and then walked authoritatively over to the car and authoritatively tried to get my key in the lock and then sheepishly realized it wasn't my car.

I wasn't sure the directions were very good either, actually.


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