Tuesday, September 13, 2005


chaucer has been sick.

we think it's just a URI (upper respiratory infection, for the un-initiated). apparently all cats have this herpes virus which can be activated due to stress (moving into a new environment is very stressful). so i've been giving chaucer lysine. he is supposed to get 2 x 500mg a day. well, we're up to 750mg, which is probably where we'll stay. the problem is the 500mg pill is too big, so i have to cut it in half. so that makes each 500mg dose two pills. chaucer will only do one pill at a time (and i don't blame him, i'm sure it isn't pleasant getting a dry pill down) so that makes the 750mg three shots--in the morning, when i get home, and after dinner.

yesterday was even worse for several reasons:

1. it was hot, making chaucer even more uncomfortable and congested.
2. i also tried to do vitamin e, which was easy--small and smooth, and flax oil.

flax oil for his dry bald spots, and vit e to help metabolize the flax.

it was horrible. chaucer did NOT want the flax oil, or the syringe near his mouth.

i was in tears last night. i have no idea what i'm doing and the thought of doing this over and over and even adding to it (two antibiotic pills a day) was overwhelming.

anyway, i'm feeling better and i'm going to try a few different things. flax oil on his bald spots and paws for him to lick off. vit e about once or twice a week, and just focus on the lysine until the antibiotic comes. i also may purchase an oral gel of lysine that you just rub on their gums.

and ac for chaucer. tonight and tomorrow, at least.

plus, i'm a committment phobe. and the thought of being responsible for this other life for the next TEN years, give or take, is also overwhelming.

well, i've been praying for the Lord to teach me patience and humility. i don't know why i always forget that what you ask for, He usually gives in spades. :D


At 7:49 AM GMT-5, Blogger gtfhwzk said...

I'll be praying for you and your lovely kitty.

At 9:25 AM GMT-5, Blogger catswym said...


we go to the vet today. he was doing much better but then this wkd i noticed some wheezing after he plays for a few minutes. so that kind of concerns me. i'll let you know.


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