Tuesday, October 25, 2005

cold room

why does it always seem like the coldest, wettest days are the ones i have to spend in the cold room at work?

and why does the cold room seem like the punishment place for scientists?

and why do i seem to increasingly be stuck there?

is it a casual or a causal relationship?


At 11:53 AM GMT-5, Blogger dlamming said...

poor nicole. must be tough being a "real" scientist :P

(i'll be in the cold room tomorrow, if it makes you feel any better)

At 12:12 PM GMT-5, Blogger catswym said...

you'll be in the cold room?

wow...this is scary. you could very well be on your way to being a real scientist.

At 12:15 PM GMT-5, Blogger dlamming said...

well, i have protein preps to do, and then my IP. don't worry, I won't be running a column. :)

At 12:05 PM GMT-5, Blogger oomm said...

cold room, heh. Be a marine biologist.

My nose and three fingers snapped off last february. I think I saw a bird with my nostrils for a nest on the Rowley River.

At 12:39 PM GMT-5, Blogger catswym said...

wow--which three fingers? i hope not important ones. i mean, if it's only the pinkies and maybe one ring finger, you can certainly do without those.

you could try being a marine biologist someplace warm? i'll suggest australia, because they're so darn friendly!

At 1:08 PM GMT-5, Blogger oomm said...

but the spiders...no they have really scary spiders there.

I need a warm, spiderless place with good marine life.

or maybe I should just borrow your thermals.


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