Sunday, October 23, 2005

odds and ends

doing laundry, some yoga, and blogging--all at once. that's what you call multi-tasking.

didn't go to church this morning (have to sleep some time) but i did go volunteer at B & J's this afternoon--i was semi-coordinating today. basically getting trained to do first shift for next week. i like first shift--you get to cook and do your own thing and not so much clean-up. but second shift rocks cuz you get to hang out with the folks coming for the meal. i can't describe how awesome these folks are. i also may be coordinating next sunday first shift even tho that was supposed to be my sunday off, but they need someone and it's hard to say no. altho i'll have to miss sunday seminar and community meal at church, so i need to think about it somemore.

anyway, today i made some apple pancakes. no, they weren't vegan. but what can you do? everyone wanted some--including all the other volunteers. i was happy they came out so well considering i didn't have a recipe or any measuring devices. i do seem to be good at throwing things together.

yesterday was girls' brunchy morning thing. the big D took off (he's so considerate) so we could have the place to ourselves. i made pumpkin bread, apple-cranberry crisp, and gingerbread with lemon sauce. they loved it and we got to chat and catch up and have fun. i love those girls.

it makes me sad tho too. one will be leaving in april and the other probably next october. my other two best friends have already left boston (altho one may come back next year). it always seems like my friends are leaving me. and it is hard to make new friends. it takes time, time, time.

friday night i got to check out blue shirt cafe, which i'm uber-excited about. a great place to get vegan wraps. they had SO many! eeek! (that's my squeel of excitement. which i never do in real life, but this is the web, so i can do whatever i want, right?) had a good time.

back to work tomorrow. gah. i cannot do another 60hr week. and i won't! so there, anne. take that!


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