Friday, October 21, 2005

the curious incident

of the dog in the night-time,

a novel by mark haddon.

about a boy (christopher) with autism.

"and father said, 'christopher, do you understand that i love you?'

and i said, 'yes,' because loving someone is helping them when they get into trouble, and looking after them, and telling them the truth, and Father looks after me when i get into trouble, like coming to the police station, and he looks after me by cooking meals for me, and he always tells me the truth, which means that he loves me."

and everyone said, awwww....


At 10:11 AM GMT-5, Blogger dlamming said...

aww. :)

At 10:49 AM GMT-5, Blogger gtfhwzk said...

That was a great book.

At 12:08 PM GMT-5, Blogger oomm said...

except for the part that everything was a lie...


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