Wednesday, October 05, 2005


" Tons of household chemicals that were once stored safely in garages, bathrooms and kitchen cabinets along the Gulf Coast pose a potential environmental threat after being scattered by Hurricane Katrina and its twin Rita."

from CNN

stored safely...stored safely.... let's think about this for a minute. these chemicals (like bleach, household cleaners, etc) were not stored "safely" because these products are not "safe."

bleach is not safe for the environment. paint is not safe for the environment.

the waters of new orleans are toxic waste because of the toxins we use every day to "clean" and "sanitize" the world around us.



At 3:53 PM GMT-5, Blogger dlamming said...

While it's obviously bad, I'm confident that the massive oil spills that the mainstream media failed to report on, not to mention the vast quantities of industrial waste that were stored in open pools due to lax environmental laws and were flooded (in LA, at least), have helped contaminate the environment a bit too.

But why am I not surprised that nobody wants to blame the big corporations? :(

At 7:26 AM GMT-5, Blogger catswym said...

is this another subtle jab that i don't spend all day perusing alt media sites?

At 8:10 AM GMT-5, Blogger dlamming said...

No, not at all! Not everyone can do as little work (and be as lazy) as I. :)


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