Tuesday, September 27, 2005

conserve fuel

bush says we should conserve fuel by not making un-neccessary excursions.

this as he fuels up for his seventh trip to the gulf in the last month.

ummm...doesn't he know that airplanes require fuel to fly too? maybe he honestly doesn't. but they do. a lot. he could ask me.

and are those really NECESSARY trips? is he really doing anything worth while, other than slapping all the good ole boys on the back down there, and look like he is doing something? i don't think so. what can he do? presidents aren't supposed to be micromanagers. i'm not blaming him for not having something to do other than make declarations ("i declare, there seems to be a state of emergency back there in louisiana") so then other people can take over. that's his job. and i certainly wasn't all over him for not going down there right away after katrina. again: what is he supposed to do? not much.

which brings me back to his seven UN-neccessary trips down there.

i just don't think he's doing his fair share.


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