Thursday, September 29, 2005


well, i'm new to the blogging world. but apparently i've been "tagged". and anyway, now i have something to "waste" time on.

6 Things I Want To Do:

1) get my phd
2) travel around alaska
3) be a stay at home mom to my five year old orange tabby, chaucer
4) publish books of my poetry
5) get enough sleep
6) whatever i want

6 Things I Can Do:

1) purify (inactive) protein
2) yell at ponies
3) excellent vegan baking
4) lounge with the chaucer
5) read
6) type without looking at the keyboard

6 Things I Can't Do:

1) subtraction
2) give (legal) medical advice
3) run 5 miles
4) purify active protein
5) lounge by myself
6) get enough sleep

6 Things That Make Me Sexually Attractive:

1). leg hair
2). armpit hair
3). feet
4). unkept appearance
5). smile
6). belly laugh

6 Things I Say All The Time:

1) really?
2) are you kidding me?
3) you're crazy
4) pony
5) meow
6) so

6 Celebrity Crushes:

(i don't have "crushes" but think these people are generally attractive.)
1) angelina jolie
2) brad pitt
3) britney spears
4) morgan freeman (even tho he's a bit old)
5) locke from lost
6) kovach from ER

i don't have a lot of blogging friends, but dudley should do this too.


At 3:36 PM GMT-5, Blogger gtfhwzk said...

Why do you yell at ponies???

At 4:06 PM GMT-5, Blogger catswym said...

to shock and confuse them.

but seriously, ponies can be pretty ridiculous, don't you think?

At 5:57 PM GMT-5, Blogger gtfhwzk said...

You know, you're right. I never really thought about it before, but, really, where do they get off? Are they so much better than me?

I think I'm going to go yell at a ponie. And then I'm going to key his car.

At 8:03 AM GMT-5, Blogger dlamming said...

Poor, poor ponies. :(

At 9:58 AM GMT-5, Blogger catswym said...

ponies are not so poor. their whole point in life seems to just be ridiculous.

and if they have cars to key, they're richer than i am.

At 12:56 PM GMT-5, Blogger angelina jolie pic said...

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