Tuesday, October 11, 2005


six hours of sleep last night. so, yeah, i'm tired.

got home at 6pm, but didn't get to bed till 1130! between working out, making dinner, having dinner, cleaning up, getting ready for bed, and playing with the chaucer time flies. or flys?

i know i'm really tired when my vocabulary starts to go. it's always the signal.

chaucer makes me sooooo happy. except when he decides to take his (very loud) bath on my bed when i'm trying to get to sleep. but at least we are working out sleeping positions. and by "we", i mean i'm learning how to fit myself somewhat comfortably around his orange mass. seriously, i only have a twin bed and i'm not a size 2 and neither is chaucer, frankly.

all of sudden he is mr. wet-food kitty. for the last 5 weeks that his abode has been
the terrace he refused wet food. it got a big "paw-paw-paw" (like he's digging the ground to bury it) and a cursory glance. but then the last two days--he's clamoring for the stuff! practically doesn't want his dry food.

but! at least we found a treat that he likes. i mean, besides catnip. and no, i'm not talking about cat-caine. altho i'm sure he would like that too.
it's a crunchy treat. which goes along with his whole liking dry food thing.

but back to me being tired. i find myself saying things like: "huh?" a lot. and then i find that veeerrrryy interesting. because my mind moves at the speed of a slug.

on another topic entirely, i really recommend reading "lies my teacher told me" by james loewen, if you haven't already. all about how we (the american public) are propogandized by our schooling.


At 9:53 AM GMT-5, Blogger gtfhwzk said...

Smitey, thankfully, doesn't take up any valuable bed real estate. However, as soon as I lie down he sticks his head into my face and starts purring loudly demanding that I pet him. The first week or so after he moved in, he would keep me up for hours.

Anyway, I looked up the book you mentioned on Amazon. It looks good. I will add it to my wish list for the next time I allow myself to go book shopping.

At 10:00 AM GMT-5, Blogger dlamming said...

poor tired catswym. :(

I likewise intend to read the book, though maybe I will be adventuresome and figure out how to use the harvard library.

and it's unbelievable that chaucer has only been here 5 weeks! it really does feel like forever. :)

At 2:28 PM GMT-5, Blogger catswym said...

maybe you have a bigger bed?

chaucer likes to sleep either by my feet or by my tummy. but my feet is preferable for both of us. he gets more space and gets to chase those random moving lumps under the blankets. which is fine if i'm on one side of my body. but if i want to turn to the other side, as i always want to do in the night, my legs can no longer go where i want them.

further, because he is a large cat and likes to stretch out at night (who doesn't?) when i have to get up to go to the bathroom i have to sit up, pull my legs up into body and get out that way.

i guess in a twin bed, it's all valuable real estate.

yay for books!


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