Friday, January 06, 2006

no excuse

since i'm stuck at home today with a pulled leg today i really have no excuse for not updating my blog.

so, anyway, yeah, 2005 ended and a new year has begun. i think we all try to reflect at this time of year and i'm no different. well, usually. this year i haven't done too much reflection because i've been feeling quite overwhelmed by several things. because of that, i haven't wanted to think about them. we'll see how that goes tho.

anyway, my christmas was crazy with being home for about three days. spent some time with the father and his wife (even tho i didn't really want to); christmas with my mom's side of the family at my aunt's house with the million or so children who are now in my family; monday i met my mom's new boyfriend. he seems nice enough. and then back to the city on tuesday.

but i did get to take a vacation last week so i could clean the house and catch up on some things, and sleep in. which actually made it harder to get up this week. hopefully i'll be fully back into the swing of getting up at 530am next week.

so, speaking of my aunt, i just found out this week that she is getting married to her long time boyfriend. they've been together so long i don't even remember how many years--at least 7, probably more. they've lived together for almost that whole time, they bought a house together a few years ago, and she's been sporting a diamond for awhile--because, let's face it, a diamond is forever. or so i hear.


what i'm trying to figure out is when life all of a sudden became about boys. i feel like every conversation i have is about boys. i mean, yes, in once sense life has always been about boys--partriarchy, hegemony, masculinism. but we're talking personal here. and since the personal is political i guess one could say they are the same thing. but they are really not. i'm babbling.

my mom--new boyfriend. she hasn't dated in about 20 years so this is pretty significant, and she talks about him like a schoolgirl. everything is now about "tom".

it wasn't so long ago that my friends and i were all single. which is significant when you're in your mid to late twenties. people start asking. all the time. now, one of my friends is "in love" with some boy she started dating about two months ago and calls constantly to "freak out" about if she's doing things "correctly". my other close friend has been vacillating between two boys and so we have to talk about what they've been saying to her and signals she's been getting and giving.

and yeah, a boy for me too. so that christmas became all about questions about this: how did we meet; how long we've been dating; how i'm feeling; where do i see this going; what's his sister's uncle's fourth cousins name?

where did this all come from?

my grandmother is now talking about how she needs to find a boyfriend?!

that's when you know things have gone too far. when your 76 year old grandmother is asking for tips on how to find a man.


At 12:03 PM GMT-5, Blogger gtfhwzk said...

Well, I'm no expert on boys, but they can be fun to have around. Just FYI.

Also, I'll be praying for your leg!

At 12:17 PM GMT-5, Blogger catswym said...

that is clearly propaganda.

At 12:26 PM GMT-5, Blogger gtfhwzk said...

Arrgh! Foiled again!

What was the giveaway?


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