Wednesday, December 21, 2005

catswym, champion of puppies

so, this morning i'm walking to the train and all of a sudden i meet up with this little brown puppy. he's wearing a red harness and looking particularly cold (being in the teens fahrenheit last night, i can understand why). i think: okay puppy, i'll go around you, don't bite me and i hope your folks let you in soon!

i walk a little bit further and notice a sign for a "lost puppy" named Hank, who is brown, very short haired and was last seen last night, off leash wearing a red harness!

i'm thinking, okay, i'm late for my train, this is going to make me miss it, the puppy could have already run away again, but should i call? yeah, i should. i walk back down the street, see the puppy, call the people.

they were ecstatic. all "do you see him right now?" "we've been looking for him all night" "call him to you" (i already had called "hank" to which he gave me a curious: do i know you? look).

anyway, they were just down the streeet but i'm glad i called because: a, it was cold; b, he could have run again; c, he kept darting into the street--not a great thing to do in the city.

and it was soooooo wonderful to see how happy they were at the sight of their beloved puppy.

and it basically made my morning.


At 9:47 AM GMT-5, Blogger dlamming said...

aww, that's a sweet story. :)

ironic, a cat person taking care of a dog...

At 10:31 AM GMT-5, Blogger gtfhwzk said...

Happy puppy! Yay!

You just made my morning, too.


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