Monday, December 19, 2005

i suppose

oh, the weekend. you are a cruel mistress who teases with her fleeting presence.

i did get to watch "the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy".

i recommend it as a pretty funny movie. i haven't read the books, so probably most of the jokes were over my head (the towel???), and i had low expectations going in--esp as i thought it was the flatmate's choice.

turned out to be good after all.

caught up on cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping. that's what weekends are for, i suppose.

i also picked out a present for my father. the hardest one to get.

he's getting Guns, Germs and Steel. a really great book if you haven't read that.

i'm just full of recommendations aren't i?

i was also glad to see that the reason they put a fence around this building near my house was not nearly as sketchy as i had thought--they were tearing it down. all of a sudden one day last week there was a fence about five feet from the building, even covering over the sidewalk. that didn't strike me as a good sign. and maybe it wasn't--and now they've destroyed the evidence.



At 2:01 PM GMT-5, Blogger dlamming said...

I couldn't remember what building was there - was it a house or something else?


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