Monday, March 20, 2006


well, the wkd wasn't as relaxing as i had hoped. altho i did get a great nap friday night (is it sad that my favorite thing to do on friday nights is fall asleep on the couch with the pooka on my belly?) i woke up early saturday morning and worked all day cooking and cleaning and doing loads of dishes. that was the theme of the wkd: doing dishes.

sunday, i finished up cleaning and did my shift at bread and jam's in the afternoon. which is always nice and i actually had a great crew of volunteers which makes all the difference.

so, it was definitely vegan with a vengeance wkd at my house. i made: pomegranite bbq tofu; chickpea and brocolli casserole with the chickpea punk rock gravy; and the blueberry coffee cake.

all of which were super delicious.

previously i have made: lemon corn waffles with blueberry sauce; peanut butter seitan with soba noodles; tempeh bacon and tofu scramble. the first two were amazing. second two not so much but i have a recipe for tofu scramble already that rocks and i was never a fan of regular bacon so....there you go.

i had also wanted to make biscuits and tempeh-whitebean gravy but was too tired. maybe a couple of wkds hence.

plus i've been seriously thinking about what i want to do when i'm done with grad school. it's two years away but i do have that feeling of wanting to know what comes next. this is seriously the first time in my life i don't have a five and ten year plan which is scary but also freeing.

do i want to stay in my field or do something different? how biological can i get if i refuse to work with animals? do i stay local or try a completely new locale? do i want to stay on the coast or am i willing to move into the country? do i move abroad? how will that work with the pooka? how important is weather?

in the meantime: another wk of data analysis and paper reading. oh joy.


At 4:07 PM GMT-5, Blogger dlamming said...

wow, way to make me start worrying about my post grad-school career. :)

I've never really had a 5 or 10 year plan, aside from the going to grad school thing. Certainly not a detailed one, anyway...


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