Tuesday, February 14, 2006

again with the cnn

an addendum to an article on CNN about the muslim rioting in response to the danish cartoons published depicting mohammed.

CNN is not showing the negative caricatures of the likeness of the Prophet Mohammed because the network believes its role is to cover the events surrounding the publication of the cartoons while not unnecessarily adding fuel to the controversy itself.

in other words: CNN is not showing the cartoons published because the network believes its role is not to fully inform people, or support freedom of speech. we do not believe that you, the reader, can or should think for yourselves.


At 2:34 PM GMT-5, Blogger gtfhwzk said...

Again with the CNN? Oy guvult!

Anyway, I think you are putting - if anything - to good a spin on this. CNN isn't merely trying to send a message that its viewers are not up to an act of critical thinking, but rather they are bowing to special interest group pressure.

Oddly enough, I doubt they would be so sensitive about a cartoon depicting Moses or Jesus badly. But then again, irate Jews and Christians rarely burn embassies.

At 2:58 PM GMT-5, Blogger dlamming said...

Odd, I would have figured that since this is all being staged, they would have aired additional, new cartoons to flame the controversy. :)

At 2:59 PM GMT-5, Blogger gtfhwzk said...

Yeah, that's a good point. Someone's been asleep at the wheel!


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