Friday, March 10, 2006

panda bear

"The truth is that everything the new wave of Bush critics has to say was obvious long ago to any commentator who was willing to look at the facts."

from True Blue Liberal

this statement represents what i find extremely disingenuous about the new wave of conservatives criticizing Bush/ the Bush admin.

I am not surprised at how inept he has been. I am not suprised at how evil his actions have become. It was all there, plain as day, for anyone willing to look.

but people are too concerned with labels. he was "conservative"; he was a "republican"; he was "a man of faith".

um, yeah, right. and i'm a panda bear. it must be true because i just said it!


At 3:28 PM GMT-5, Blogger gtfhwzk said...

Funny... you don't look like a panda bear.

At 5:02 PM GMT-5, Blogger dlamming said...

Ok, you're a panda bear. :)

I saw Bartlett on the Daily Show- he was on last night. He definitely came across as an opportunist, just in it to sell a book. Very smug and snide. I must disagree with Krugman - "what took you so long" is a silly question, because they always knew exactly what they were getting.


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