Tuesday, May 02, 2006


stumbled across this site which is basically a compilation of translated news articles from around the world. a very neat thing, if you ask me.

got to spend some quality time with the pook this weekend, although he somehow developed what seems like conjunctivitis, so he's got some antibiotic eyedrops for the next few days.

got to rewatch Serenity friday night and i realized that i don't think that the operative chasing River et al. would be so changed in his allegiance to the alliance just because of the Reavers. i think he would just see it as a failed experiment in the quest for the "sinless" world.

random, eh?

let's see...what else?

oh yeah, i realized i've pretty much got all the basics of matlab down. which is lucky since that helps me do just about, oh,....let's go with... none of my data analysis. it's kind of like, i know the alphabet and now i just need to learn to analyze a joseph conrad novel.

but luckily i'm really, really in the mood/mental place where i want to be doing my work all the time. i was actually really bummed out that i had to leave early yesterday to take pooka to the vet. which is good and bad. good, because it allows me to drive away at the data without feeling burned out or annoyed. bad, because it allows me to blow off all of my non-work committments and not even think about them. and by comittments i mean, friends etc.

which is bad. for the friendships.

oh, tomorrow i should talk about "hustle & flow" and "north country", my movies the past two weekends. hopefully i'll get to it.


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