Tuesday, June 06, 2006

what's wrong with liver abcesses?

in this week's time there is an article about grass fed vs grain fed cattle. the point comes up about how grain fed cattle are often prophylactically given antibiotics because

"...a grain based diest often leads to stomach ulcers and liver abcesses in cattle--a problem that has fueled the wrath of animal-rights groups."

i knew the article would piss me off before i started because, obviously, if you're debating the merits of one type of cow eating versus another type you're starting from a point of saying either is okay.

but, come on...why do you have to say "of animal-rights groups"? why can't you say:

"a problem that should fuel the wrath of any person who has compassion for other living beings"?

would you be okay with your cat or dog or other various household pets having continual stomach ulcers/ liver abcesses?

i'm sure i can answer for you.


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